Who Are The GalaXafreaks?


GalaXafreaks is a 32 page, full colour , psychedelic science fiction comic drawn by me, Andrew Pawley. Galaxafreaks features a whole range of fun freaks and wacky weirdos getting up to transdimensional adventures. A few years back I started drawing web comics featuring my character Captain Yeah!

In early 2015 I started expanding his universe and created the GalaXafreaks. The first four issues feature a range of short stories full of daft nonsense with a psychedelic twist. You can download the first two for free when you sign up to the mailing list.

Now in 2016 I have branched out into a new mini series called GalaXafreaks : Dark Vibes! You can pick up copies here.

Below is a short list of the main characters from my comic! I'll be adding more as I go along!

Shine on!


The Baby

Deep inside a higgs boson particle lives a freak. It has been asleep since the dawn of existence. At utter peace within itself, it is held together with love. Whilst it rests and snoozes vast and cosmic happenings pass within it’s sub-atomic brain. Yes! This Spaceface creature is home to a whole cosmic universe within it’s particle-noggin! Galaxies are born and die within a blink of a human eye....So let’s melt away and reform inside this cosmic arena and see what’s up! For inside the tiny dude whole epic adventures await the brave! Dreams come and go, reality is in flux and anything is possible. C’mon, come with me and join the.....GALAXAFREAKS!

Captain Yeah!

Definitely the brains of the outfit. Captain Yeah! is as old as time itself and wider than reality. Spanning all levels of reality, Captain Yeah! is beyond 4th dimensional scale.

Captain Yeah! first appeared in his own web comics featured at The Future Heart where he did battle with all sorts of weird and badass dudes including his own twin brother 'Dark Despair!


Fearless and Freaky! Optic is our claw handed risk taker! Always at the fore front of new experiences, he doesn't mind jumping in to any  situation! Optik is totally far-out! He likes to let go and disintegrate into the cosmic void, spreading his presence throughout all dimensions!

Optic likes nothing more than playing a good game of Freakball, sometimes he even gives it a lick! (see issue 1)


The weird, mysterious one. No one knows where Ringzola came from. One day reality just flipped and he had been their since forever! His third eye is all knowing. With it he can span all of existence to see the deeper truth in all events.

Ringzola is the most musical of all Galaxafreaks (save of course the Rocktopus! (coming soon!)) When he's got a free moment you'll find him down The Particle Club chilling and mixing.


Meeko The Darkling! Meeko made her first appearance in Dark Vibes Issue 1. She comes from the planet Noirville and likes nothing more than to hang out and mind her own beeswax! However, this all changes when she is selected by the crazy preacher Zeek! After being cast into 'The Void' She meets up with Captain Yeah! and starts to unlock some unknown powers. Meek is special because she has a vibe that is made of both light & dark vibe waves!

Fuzz Muff

Evil Dark Vibe Underlord! Fuzz Muff made his first appearance in GalaXafreaks Original Series Issue 3. This freaky little eldritch dude comes from the dark vibe reality where all is negative and bleak. Fuzz Muff wants nothing more than to drain the GalaXafreak's reality of all it's positive vibration so he can taken control. In GalaXafreaks Dark Vibes it's looking like he might succeed!