Some New Art & Some Animation!


Hey there Space cadets! I hope you’re all feeling freaky today! I’m in the middle of organising printing and distribution of Galaxafreaks Time Sing Issue 1! I should be getting sample pages back from the printer soon so watch this space for updates!

In the meantime I’ve also been working on a few side projects and thought I’d dare them with you here! Below are  just a couple of cool examples!

Orange Clocks- Topes Sphere 2

Topes Sphere 2 is the latest album from the epic Northampton Prog-rockers ‘Orange Clocks’. It tells the story of Tope and his little friend Chode as they travel the galaxy in their magical sphere. Things take a turn for the worse  when Chode is kidnapped by the evil Cromp! Jeepers! Below are some examples of some art and a little test animation for the project!

Tope To the Rescue – Sketch


Tope Head- Speed Drawing

Tope- walk test

The Flaming Lips

Long term fans of Galaxafreaks will know of my obsession with the world’s freakiest band The Flaming Lips! As always, they present fantastic source of inspiration musically, visually and their kick-ass, can-do attitude! Below are a few personal responses to the current good vibes coming out of their camp!

Wondering makes you wonderful!

One night while hunting for faeries and witches and wizards to kill

Brothers Griiin

Captain Yeah!

And finally, everybody’s favourite Freakzoid GalaXafreaks ha also been given the animation treatment!