Captain Yeah! A Visual History

  Hey there Space Cadets! I hope you’re well! Today we’ll be diving into the development of everyone’s favourite freakzoid psychonaut, the awesome Captain Yeah! I’ve been drawing Captain Yeah! for over five year now and thought it’d be cool to draw a breath and look back on how he has developed and changed since […]


Some New Art & Some Animation!

Hey there Space cadets! I hope you’re all feeling freaky today! I’m in the middle of organising printing and distribution of Galaxafreaks Time Sing Issue 1! I should be getting sample pages back from the printer soon so watch this space for updates! In the meantime I’ve also been working on a few side projects […]

Kaiju Kapers!

Kaiju Kapers Stretch Goal!

Hey there Space Cadets! Well, we did it! The first stretch goal has been hit and now all physical backers will get a rad sticker set in their mail pack! Free Stickers!   New Stretch Goal! Mega pumped to announce the next stretch goal for GalaXafreaks: Time Songs! I’ll be able to add a six […]



Hey There Space Cadets!! What a weekend! I’m just back from The True Believers ComicCon in Cheltenham and had a great time!  We’ve had loads of new space cadets pledging and I’m really stoked with all the awesome support for GalaXafreaks: Time Songs! Thank you so much! As we’ve been romping ahead of the original target it […]

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We Made it! Have Some Free Comics!

Hey There Space Cadets! Whoop! GalaXafreaks Time Songs is now fully funded after just 24 hours! Thanks for the support! You guys rock! If you’ve not backed yet join the freaky fun now and get 4 FREE PDF comics to download straight away! That’s right! All backers now get a complete set of Dark Vibes […]

Time Songs

GalaXafreaks Time Songs Live on Kickstarter!

Hey there Space Cadets! I’m super excited to announce that I’ve launched my band new comic on Kickstarter! This three issue mini-series begins with the mysterious disappearance of both an intergalactic rock star and a whole bunch of star clusters! Join Captain Yeah! as he investigates what’s going down! Visit planet Basshead and get down […]


Dark Vibes Final Kickstarter!

Yes! At last! The epic finale to my weirdo spacetime psychedelic comic miniseries is live on Kickstarter! It has already hit’s it target within 24 hours! Go check it out! Loads of great perks from signed copies to original artwork with t-shits and 3D printed models! Whoop! VISIT THE KICKSTARTER!!


Melksham ComicCon

Superduper excited to be announcing that I’ll be exhibiting at the magnificent Melksham ComicCon this weekend! This is a fantastic fundraising Con that is gaining a lot of respect amongst the Indie-Creator scene and I can’t wait to unleash the freaky inter dimensional weirdness of GalaXafreaks on the crowds! So if you’re around then pop […]


Yikes! The Wheels Have Come Off!

Oof! I’ve just come back from a great few weeks well deserved rest to find the GalaXafreaks website have totally thrown it’s toys out of the pram! I’ve had to star a complete fresh install and build the site from scratch again! I have  aback up of the various blog posts, especially the crowdfunding ones, […]