Captain Yeah! A Visual History



Hey there Space Cadets! I hope you’re well! Today we’ll be diving into the development of everyone’s favourite freakzoid psychonaut, the awesome Captain Yeah!

I’ve been drawing Captain Yeah! for over five year now and thought it’d be cool to draw a breath and look back on how he has developed and changed since the very beginning!

Before Captain Yeah! there were The Flaming Lips

Any long term Galaxafreaks fan knows about my obsession with the Fearless Freaks from Oklahoma and how they have influenced my art over the years.  The content of their music, their visual style live in concert and in printed & video media and of course their ‘can-do’ attitude have had a massive impact on how I operate as an artist.  Sometime around 2012 I started producing work in response to the Lips and their music. Most noticeable during this period was a piece in response to the track ‘I’m Working At Nasa On Acid’ which featured a skull super imposed onto an astronaut suit. Kinda looks familiar doesn’t it!

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Captain Yeah! is named!

In the same way that a solar system is formed, all this artwork started to condense and revolve around a single character and idea. But what to call him?  One track from the Lips called ‘The Spark That Bled’ has a line that says: ‘I stood up and I said Yeah!’ I always loved that concept of positivity and it kinda suited the ideas I was putting forward in my artwork. So I decided on the name Captain Yeah! The exclamation mark is really important! I started jamming with ideas about the character in paintings, 3D models and other bits and pieces.

The Future Heart: Captain Yeah! & The Children Of The Moon

Around this time I started jamming with some great guys online. One in particular is a dude calling himself The Future Heart who runs a great website here: Be sure to check it out! I started working on a Captain Yeah! comic called ‘Captain Yeah! &  the Children Of The Moon’. lyrics and nods towards the Flaming Lips featured heavily as Captain Yeah! fights his evil twin brother for control of Unit 3000-21, a giant pink robot who is struggling between good and evil! Here are some sample pages. You can download the whole story when you share GalaXafreaks on Facebook here!

Captain Yeah! Lost In Music

After The Children Of The Moon story line The Future Heart and I jammed on a few different ideas and came up with the concept of having Captain Yeah! getting tied up in whacky adventures with various musicians that i was digging at the time. I wrote a four part story called ‘Lost In Music’. The plot focused on a mysterious cosmic discord. there were unofficial cameos from MGMT, Tame Impala, Edwards Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes and Mercury Rev. You can read the whole thing here. The idea was to explore different art styles with each issue and so each story was a really different feel!

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GalaXafreaks Is Born!!

So it seemed that Captain Yeah! was developing nicely, but he needed some homies to hang out with! After the success of the web comics I felt I was ready to try getting my comics printed and started to get moving on crowdfunding. With this development I felt it was important to get Cpatin Yeah! embedded into a solid brand and started drawing the Galaxafreaks comics. By this point the styled sort of settled down but over the next four issues of the original series and the four issue miniseries ‘Dark Vibes’ my way of drawing has loosened up quite a bit!

Captain Yeah! in 3D

I love messing about with stuff and have trie my hand at 3D printing, card modelling and also customising Munny dolls!

Check out these examples below!


What Next For Captain Yeah!?

As always, the story just keeps developing! I’ve just finished drawing issue 1 of Time Songs which sees the good Captain face off with his oldest nemesis! Who knows how it will end!