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“Like Robert Crumb and Jim Starlin working on the Beano with a colourist recovering from some long strange trip he took in the sixties.”-Splank Comics Blog

“Pawley’s art style makes him stand out among today’s artists. No one else blends the bizarre with the unconventional with the colorful to create such a fun, cool comic.” -A Place To Hang Your Cape

"Do you vomit rainbows? Is real life not as far-out as you wish? Are you ready to ride some chill vibes into the weirdest, most fun comic out there? Galaxafreaks: Dark Vibes takes you into space like you’ve never seen it before. A smattering of psychedelia and space odyssey, its stunning art and funny, groovy dialogue makes it a bodacious read.”- Review Of Dark Vibes Issue 1 on A Place to Hang Your Cape

"The GalaXafreaks experience is the Woodstock of comics"- Comic Unknown

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Captain Yeah! A Visual History

  Hey there Space Cadets! I hope you’re well! Today we’ll be diving into the development of everyone’s favourite freakzoid psychonaut, the awesome Captain Yeah! I’ve been drawing Captain Yeah! for over five year now and thought it’d be cool to draw a breath and look back on how he has developed and changed since […]

Before the GalaXafreaks their was just Captain Yeah!

Read four exclusive retro web comics from the early days of Captain Yeah!